Posted on April 10, 2017

Member Ed Knox, who is the DMA’s AFL/CIO delegate, recently shared with us a list of great ways to get involved. Also look for these links on the Resources Page.

Find out what your 10-digit Precinct number is, and what is meant by each number. Don’t know what your precinct number is? Start here:

Colorado Secretary of State Voter Registration

And if you are not already registered to vote, you can get a Voter Registration form here:


Then call or email your State Representative and your State Senator, and simply let them know that the DMA exists.  If you’d like, let them know why you have chosen to be a Member of the AFM.  Let them ask you questions, and if you don’t know the answer, get back to them with the answer.

Find out who represents you on YOUR City Council, and YOUR County Commission.  (Boulder and Denver are combined, City & County)  Then call or email that person and inform him/her of the existence of AFM Local 20-623.

Next time you’re at a venue that has live music, let them know that you are a Member of the DMA, and that you’d really like to see the venue management enter into Collective Bargaining with the Musicians that perform in that venue.  Let them know that the DMA exists.

Following are some links to web pages that will be helpful for all.

SEARCH FOR BILLS that are important to musicians.  If you go here  you can enter the Bill number if you know it and you’ll be taken to the Bill.  If you do not know the Bill number, then enter a keyword to search for a Bill, or if you know the sponsor of the Bill, then enter that name.

To find out who your Representatives and Senators are, (and other elected folks) go to this web site:

In some cases, you will need to know the 4-digit extension of your Zip Code.

That information can be found here:  ZIP CODE AND 4-DIGIT EXTENSION


From the home page, you can access lots of information, to include the Colorado State Representatives and State Senators.

If you are ever trying to find out how to track any typical legislation going through the General Assembly there are two ways using their website,

1st method:

  • Open Main Page
  • Scroll to bottom where it says session publication
  • Open either House or Senate Status Sheet. (Updated regularly)

2nd method:

  • Open Main Page
  • Click bills
  • Find a bill
  • Enter Sponsor Name if you know it, or enter the Bill Number if you know it, or enter a keyword that kinda says what you’re searching for.  (If for instance, you’re looking for legislation regarding PETS, enter that word in the search.)  Then:
  • Click session/ 2017 regular session
  • Scroll down and click bill history